We reforest the planet, protect the Amazon,
and support the clean energy transition.

We want to reverse the effect of climate change and to preserve the planet for both current and future generations.

The mission of Green Future Project is to reverse the effects of climate change, and to preserve the planet for both current and future generations. We aim to transform businesses, brands and individuals into active players in this global challenge, by providing simple, effective ways to support targeted reforestation, the protection of the Amazon and a global transition towards clean energy.

By simplifying access to effective climate solutions, we can empower millions to be part of the change.

The world’s ecological crisis can no longer be denied. Experts warn that life on this planet can only be preserved with rapid, dramatic action. As a global community, we must decide upon the kind of world we want to live in – we must fight to build a safe and prosperous environment.
By simplifying access to effective climate solutions, we can empower millions to be part of the change.Though this is, undoubtedly, the greatest challenge facing our generation, it is also an incredible opportunity to reimagine and reshape our future.



Simply put, trees are the superheroes of safeguarding the planet; they purify the air we breathe and support countless species of plants and animals.

According to the United Nations’ latest report: “planting billions of trees across the world is the cheapest and most effective way of taking CO2 out of the atmosphere, tackling the climate crisis.This new quantitative evaluation shows that forest restoration isn’t just one of our climate change solutions, it is overwhelmingly the top one.”

One of the key benefits of forest restoration is the potential that trees hold for carbon sequestration; hence why it is widely recognised as one of the most effective tools in combating the buildup of dangerous greenhouse gases.

Trees convert carbon dioxide into plant matter, permanently sequestering these gases, and therefore slowing the rate of global warming and preventing further climate change.


If the effects of tropical deforestation were a country, it would be considered the third-biggest global emitter, ranking just below the U.S. and significantly higher than the EU. This is why it is essential to protect tropical forests against illegal logging, fires and deforestation. At GFP we believe that the best way to do so is to safeguard the Amazon rainforest, acre by acre.

Terrestrial habitats, such as forests, grasslands and wet peatlands, contain large volumes of carbon in their biomass (greenery and fauna), and soils. As these habitats are destroyed or degraded, they release this stored carbon into the atmosphere, currently forming between 10-20 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. The unprecedented rate of global deforestation therefore directly contributes to an increase in emissions and the resulting effects of global warming and climate change.


Taking CO2 out of the atmosphere is only one part of the puzzle. In order to mitigate climate change, one must also slow down the rate at which fossil fuels are released into our atmosphere.

Wind-generated energy is one of the most sustainable energy sources available. It is 75 times more sustainable than coal, 70 times more so than oil, and 45 times more sustainable than natural gas.

The average energy consumption of a European citizen is 7 MWh per year. Generating this amount of energy by using fossils would release 3500kg of CO2 however, exploiting the power of wind would allow us to generate the same energy by dispersing only 84kgs of CO2 into our atmosphere.

We are gathering a collective of talented and passionate people to help build a platform that will enable us to reach this goal.

Green Future Project was founded by a group of friends from all around the world committed to doing the best we can to slow down the pace of climate change.

We are gathering a collective of talented and passionate people to help  build a platform that will enable us to reach this goal.

If you feel you can help us spread the word, would like to become an ambassador, or help us bring on board new businesses or institutions, then we would love to hear from you.


Founder and CEO

Founder and CEO

Born in Brazil, traveled to more than 100 countries as a documentary photographer. I have witnessed the healing power that wild places have on the human soul and I am now devoted to protecting them.

  • Documentary Photographer
  • KCL - BA in International Politics
    Co-founder and CMO

    Co-founder and CMO

    Born in Jordan and lived in Canada and the UK, I have a passion for sustainability and nature, and a strong aptitude for design, art, and visual culture. I am always on a mission to reimagine an impact-driven future.

  • Museum for the United Nations UN Live- Project Lead, Jordan
  • Justified Studio- Creative Strategist & Business Development Lead
  • Goldsmiths University- MA Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship: Media and Communication specialization


    Born in Milan, professionally raised in the fashion industry. Passionate about sailing and fishing. Nature is everything.

  • C’est la V- CEO & Partner
  • Prada Group- Digital Project Manager
  • Jakala Group- New Business Development
  • Bocconi University- BA Business Administration


    Born in Italy. Dedicated to be an active player in the energy transition and a passionate believer of the role clean energy will have in shaping our future.

  • Capital Dynamics - Associate - Clean energy investment
  • Tages Capital - Renewable energy investment team
  • UCL - BA in International Relations


    Born in Italy, raised in the UK and currently living in the US. Highly passionate about exploring the world, and professionally committed to advancing impactful sustainable solutions.

  • Accountability - Senior Associate
  • United Nations- Consultant
  • LSE - MSc in Development Economics
  • “We are the first generation to feel the effect of climate
    change and the last generation who can do something
    about it.”

    Barack Obama, Former US President