Narupa, highest biodiversity on the planet

Why Narupa?
Situated on the eastern slope of the Andes, the Narupa Reserve currently extends over 3420 acres. It is located in an area that boasts the highest level of biodiversity on Earth, evidenced by the 872 species of birds recorded.

What is the problem?
Expanding the Narupa Reserve is timely and urgent; recent improvements to road infrastructure in Ecuador have led to increased rates of deforestation in eastern areas of the country. In particular, premontane tropical forests are currently being deforested at an astounding annual rate of 9.8%. 

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What’s our plan?
In order to block further deforestation in the area we are working towards a strategic expansion of the reserve. We are buying land to create natural corridors that will form a connecting bridge between two large, government protected areas: Sumaco National Park and Antisana Ecological Reserve.
Our Forest Partner program blocks the deforestation of this kind of threatened habitat, thereby preventing the critical release of stored carbon. As a single acre of Amazonian rainforest stores about 725 metric tons of CO2, the ensured protection of this land offsets a significant volume of emissions.

How can you participate?
For every €350 donated we will buy an acre of rainforest, integrate it with the existing reserve and ensure its continued protection. Your donation covers the purchase of the land, as well as the salaries of the park rangers that will be entrusted with its protection. Our 1:1 partnership with the Rainforest Trust means your donations will be matched, making them twice as powerful and doubling our ability to safeguard the Ecuadorian Amazon. For every acre of land that you help us protect, we will generate a certificate that names the land in your honour; we will also share photographic and video material of the acre with you, enabling you to track, and to demonstrate your role in safeguarding the lungs of our planet. We will also provide you with GPS coordinates, an agricultural analysis of the land you have purchased, and the contract of acquisition.

Every €350 allow us to:

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