The landscape of tomorrow,
depends on our actions today


For the planet

You will create and nurture healthy forests and fund the world’s leading climate projects.  Every ton of CO2 that you offset is certified by the most renowned agencies in the business.

For setting new standards

We simplify impact to promote action. Be at the forefront of the global movement for sustainable change. Inspire your friends, family and colleagues to follow your lead.


For a greener future

By supporting climate solutions, you are paving the way to transition to more sustainable solutions and playing your part in building a greener future for generations to come. 



Tree Partner

Designed for a typical
European citizen


every month

Forest Partner

Designed for those who travel
more than average


every month

Jungle Partner

Designed for frequent flyers and
those who want to contribute more


every month


Your own

You will reforest degraded lands in Madagascar and Indonesia, restoring the ecosystem to a healthy, sustained balance. Your forest will also support local communities involved in the regrowth and protection of the land.

Your Personalized

You will receive a personalized portal through which you can check on how your trees are growing, as well as an Impact Card which gives you sharable, real-time data on the carbon positive impact that your business is making. 


and Video Content

Keep an eye on the climate solutions you are supporting. You will get full access to photographic and video content from our projects on the ground.


How is my money
spent ?

We strive to offer our members a balanced solution to offset their carbon footprint. Our program involves allocating over 40% of all contributions towards reforestation initiatives (ie. planting trees) and 20% to forest protection initiatives. Approximately 30% of all contributions are instead used to acquire green certificates which provide a market driven support scheme for renewable generators (i.e. supporting clean energy projects). Finally, all post-operating proceeds are invested in open-ended clean energy funds and, over the longer term, directly into greenfield renewable energy projects. No distributions are made to GFP shareholders.

How can you prove
your impact?

Every month we publish a document that shows how many tons of CO2 have been prevented from entering the atmosphere or removed from it. The certificates are certified by Gold Standard an institution established by the WWF to promote  sustainable projects and produce credible impact reports. We also publish the total number of trees planted and the total number of acres protected.