The Wind Power Project is located in the Jaisalmer district in Rajasthan, India.

What is the Problem?
India is heavily reliant on fossil fuel generated power and has a significant part of its rural population that still uses wood as fuel for cooking and to heat their households – for an equal amount of heat or electricity, wood releases more CO2 than burning gas, oil and even coal.

How do we help out?
Supporting the clean energy transition in a country that counts over 1.35 billion people of which circa 900 million live in rural ares is paramount to mitigate CO2 emissions globally and increase the populations wellbeing locally. Green Future Project does so by purchasing green certificates from selected renewable wind projects in Rajasthan – this way supporting their realisation.

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This project
The specific project we selected consists of thirty three Enercon E-53 turbines and has a total installed capacity of 26.4MW. The project generates circa 50 GWh of clean energy every year for the local grid and is expected to reduce emissions by over 73,000 MT of CO2 annually by displacing traditional fossil fuel sources connected to the NEWE grid. The revenue stream generated from the sale of carbon offsets (green certificates) throughout its operational life were an important factor that contributed to its realisation.

What else?
The development of new wind farms not only helps create local employment opportunities – both during the construction and operation phases of a project – but also has a multiplier effect on Rajasthan’s real economy as it improves local populations access to other cities (thanks to better transportation routes) and will provide cheaper power generation to local businesses going forward.