Yanacocha is home to the highest reforestation project in Ecuador

Why Yanacocha?
Yanacocha is home to the world’s highest reforestation project: situated at an altitude of 3500 meters, this reserve hosts a project of peak importance. Yanacocha was also created with the aim of preserving the Black-breasted Puffleg hummingbird (Eriocnemis nigrivestis), a critically threatened species with a very limited distribution of habitat.

What is the problem?
During the past decade this area of the Andes has been subject to severe deforestation, in order to clear space for pasturing. Very few patches of forest remain, and the loss of these habitats threatens the survival of various different species.


What’s our plan?
The Habitat Restoration program reforests pastures burned over the past decades, both in lower and higher areas of the reserve, including the planting of thousands of Polylepis trees, as well as other native species. 

How can you participate?
By subscribing to our Carbon Neutral partnership, you will support all of our reforestation projects around the world, including the Yanacocha Reforestation project. 

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